What?  Another Sonic game?  Yup.

And it’s not Sonic 4: Episode 2.  Wait, why would they come out with another Sonic game that wasn’t Episode 2?  That’s a question I wonder if even Sega knows.  It doesn’t even use the same Engine as Sonic 4, or share…pretty much anything.  Want to know what I have to say?

If you’re a long time Sonic fan, you’ve probably been disappointed over and over.  Even Sonic 4, although it was a good game, didn’t give the same feel as the originals.  I can go back and play Sonic 2 or 3 and have so much fun still!  I’ve often wondered why they can’t recapture that feel.  Why do they have to change so much every time?  Even Sonic 4 had that weird weighted feel to the controls that made sonic feel clumsy.  This game is both the same and different.

What I mean is there is two modes (in the demo, remember this is the demo, the game comes out Nov. 11th).  One is a young Sonic and the other is the Sonic we know.  The Sonic we know is a remake of the original game (at least this is how the first stage is).  Unlike the original game, I didn’t get that feel of speedy flow that Sonic games should have.  The “HD” Graphics don’t look very good, and the camera is zoomed way too far in.  You can’t really tell where you’re going, which leads to the clumsy feel that I mentioned earlier.

On the other hand, there is a completely new mode with the Young Sonic (I assume it’s the young Sonic, it didn’t actually specify) that feels a lot more intuitive and a step in the right direction.  With that said, it felt like Sonic Adventures, so it’s not innovative in anyway, but it does feel better than most Sonic games over the past 10 years.  For the most part, you’re in the third person view, usually over the shoulder.  The camera sometimes switches to in front of sonic (when something is chasing you) and other times it goes into side scroller view.  The dynamic use of this camera feels good.  Makes Sonic feel fast and you can often see way ahead of your position and know that you have to jump, slide, or speed up soon.  There were a few minor areas where I hit a wall and had to jump up, but noticed that this was because I had missed a jump, not because of the way it was designed.

Bottom line is this looks like a lot of fun.  It’s been announced recently for PC also, so no matter where you game, you should have access to this game.  I probably won’t pick it up for $15, was too disappointed in a day one pick up of Sonic 4: Episode 1, but might be a fun pick up on a steam or xbox sale sometime down the road.  With that said, do yourself the favor of checking the demo out!