So last night I finally got to playing the DLC for Dragon Age II: Mark Of The Assassin. And I have to say, it was really good. I like were the story took you and how you got to see new part of the world and enemy’s. I really like Tallis, Felicia Day’s character. Felicia Day is a actress, and is known from the web series The Guild. This DLC was fun and added I would say a good hour to hour an a half of game play. It was a fun challenge and just like the game its self, the scenery looks beautiful. It was great running into character from the game and from the past game. I am  really looking forward to see how else they use Tallis in the future. From the story they have been showing between the DLC and the Dragon Age web series, I think they could make a game just about her. Like a side game, Dragon Age: Tallis. Well sounds good to me anyways. I hope they come out with some more DLC for Dragon Age II soon, and that its as good as Mark Of The Assassin is.