Just a quick rant on this because I haven’t really played much (my brother is borrowing my PS3 while he plays Disgaia), but I had to say how dumb I feel for missing this game for over 2 years!

I do not consider myself a fanboy.  Not for 360, not for PS3, not for Wii.  Sure, I favor my 360 a bit, but I own all three and know they all have their good and their bad.  Which system is superior really comes down to which system (between PS3 and 360) you’re more invested in.  Have all your friends on PS3?  you get better graphics.  All your friends on 360?  You get enhanced community and online aspect.  So I pride myself on knowing when a good game comes out for PS3.  I knew when each Uncharged comes out (and Uncharted 3), each Resistance, Disgaia, and any other major titles, but I didn’t know about this one!

What finally made me look into it was Dark Souls.  Listening to all the podcasts I do, I’ve been hearing the name Demon’s Souls thrown around a lot since Dark Souls just came out.  For some reason, I thought it was a PS2 game, but after hearing how great it was, I decided to see how I could go about playing it just to find out it was a PS3 game and on the greatest hits!  So, the next day, I picked it up for $20, forgetting my brother had my system.  Oh well, I did get to play it for a few minutes.

My brother has a SD TV.  It is a good one, but still not good graphics.  Still, the opening video looked beautiful even on his TV, I can’t wait to check it out on my TV!  The game play was interesting, I only got past the tutorial.  I think once I get used to the controls, I’ll like them, but I actually used all my items within the first few minutes when I meant to attack!  Oh well, I know better next time.

That’s it for now, first impressions on Demon’s Souls.  I’ll be bringing you more when I get my system back and play it.  Might not be till after Skyrim, though, since that’s coming in less than a month!!