Ok so I just finished Batman: Arkham City earlier this week, and I have to say that I loved this game. Well, almost loved all of the game. I did not like how it ended. I will not have any spoilers, don’t worry. I really liked being in a more open area, compared to Arkham Asylum. Now Arkham Asylum is a awesome game too.

I love that game also, but in Arkham City you are in a open area right off the bat. Now when Arham City first started, I was not liking how it was feeling. Don’t get me wrong, the fighting system is the same from the first game and is great. When you are surrounded by a bunch of thugs and you need to fight them all off, you really feel like Batman and the way he fights. Also got to love the reach of the grappling hook is awesome. If you are in a jam and need to get out of there fast, that thing will pull you out of danger fast. Now to get back to what I meant by not liking how it was feeling. If felt to me like you were just thrown into the game and did not really have a set direction to go to move froward in the game. There are side missions to do and you can find them along the way, but as far as the main story goes, it felt like you started the game and it was like well find your way, we don’t know what you should do. In Arkham Asylum, it feels like you have a path to go on, you don’t feel lost and you know what you have to do. Having said that, about a hour to two hours into Arkham City you know what you got to do and that feeling goes away fast. You get the feeling of how hectic this place of Arkham City is. Another great thing about this game is, the henchman of the villains of the game. For example the Joker’s henchman all look like clowns like in the first game, but Two-Face’s henchman were suits like his, half white and the other have is black and looks brunt up and ugly. They also were masks that are half an half to look like Two-Face’s face. The Penguin’s henchman wear ski mask that are black with white circles around the eyes like a penguin’s face. It is also great how they different henchman and thugs interact with each other. They we will argue with each other about who’s boss is better and how there boss is going to take over everything and so on. You also come across different thugs wanting to cross over for example, The Jokers thugs going to Two-Face side. The Riddler is back with 400 challenges, and to check in every once in a wail to talk crap about how he is so much smarter then you are. There are a bunch of challenges that will get you frustrated, but will make you want more. All and all Batman: Arkham City is a game that I would most definitely recommend this game. It is in the running for me to be one of my game of the year.