Just took a few minutes to look over my X-box hard drive.  I didn’t realize I’ve accumulated so much JUNK over the last 6 months since I upgraded my system!  I have the 250GB system, so it’s not like I needed the room, but decided to do some “spring” cleaning.

How much stuff did I have on there that was junk?  Well, about 100 gigs of demos, videos, and downloaded disks.  I had videos and demos on there that I don’t even remember downloading!  And when did I download the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood disk?  I only played that game once!

I ended up deleting about 35 of the 65 ‘recommended’ files to delete, then went in and deleted a few more, so I think I cleared over half my hard drive.  Fun times…Makes me wonder how much junk other people have accumulated, or are you the kind of person that keeps their system clean all the time?