This week on KVGT:

Just three of us this week, so the list of what we talked about only consisted of Halo: Reach, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, From Dust, Civilization V, Dead Rising 2, Mortal Kombat, and NCAA 12.

We also updated the release dates for serious Sam: Double D, The Baconing, and Star Wars Kinect.  In other news, we talked about EA’s cap on how many players for Star Wars The Old Republic, the iPad 3, possibility of games like Road Rash and Wing commander to come back, a misstweet to Jennifer Hale, Gamestop streaming, more Borderlands 2 info, Sims social on Facebook, NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3, update on the Valve protest, a new MMO for Android, the next xbox 360 Dashboard update, PS3’s short comings with voice chat, losing content in Ninja Gaiden 3, rumors about a 3DS redesign, Playstation Home’s major update coming soon, and Sonic CD coming to XBLA.

Also in this episode:

– Website update to include a Gallery that anyone can post on.

– Website update to include a blog post each week where you can get all activity in one place.

That was it for this week.  As always, Like us on Facebook and come check out our new Homepage.