I cannot believe that I did not know about this soundtrack sooner! It is AMAZING! Let me start out by saying that any fan of video game music, Nobuo Uematsu, or Final Fantasy should go out right now and find a copy of this!  It has narration in between tracks that tells the story of Final fantasy III, which really adds to the visualization of the music.

It’s only 7 tracks, but ends up being right about an hour long.  Each track is actually a mix of songs that were featured in Final Fantasy III.  As i said above, the song actually retells the story through narration and music, and yes it is in English (which is why it’s weird I can’t find the CD available in America).  The guy who talks is a little monotone and talks really slow, but other than that it is very enjoyable.

I was very happy to see that instead of him coming on and talking every few minutes, it was only at the beginning of each track, with each track averaging around 8 minutes.  I’ll tell you, if you’ve played the game before, especially multiple times like I have, then this CD will pack a punch as you sit there and listen to it.

I’ve only found it available at Soundsquare, kinda expensive!  But I’m sure there’s other ways to get it, you just gotta look!  If you’re interested, though, here’s the link.

SquareSound – $26.99+ shipping (imported)

All in all, it’s something I never knew existed and now realize I cannot live without it in my music collection.  I’m thinking about doing a series for Resonance Podcast based on it, maybe 3 episodes long that features the music plus some commentary about the game.

Let me know what you think!