So it turns out it’s not going to be as easy as I’d hoped to transfer episodes 000-049 over to the new server.  The only transfer tool available to help only transfers the post name, not the show notes or the podcast itself!

This is, of course, better than nothing, but it means I have to go through each podcast on libsyn, copy the show notes, then copy the file location.  Considering I have to do it through episode 49+7 specials, that’s 56 times, and libsyn tends to load slow on my end…

So I’m going to start at episode 49 and work my way backwards!  For the time being, if you want to access any of our older episodes, you can always find us on iTunes or at our hosts page at Libsyn.

My next project after this is to sort through all the posts from out Blogspot and import them.  This will also be a little tough because we posted our episode announcement on there for a while, and there’s something like 55 posts, but only maybe 25 that I want to import!

After that, the transfer of KVGT from multiple websites to one will be complete!  Thanks for your patients in this time of transition.