So I’ve been thinking lately that I want to play a game that I don’t have to do too much thinking while I play, maybe even able to watch TV while I play.  The only games that I can think of is those that I’ve already beaten, and what better series to do that with than Final Fantasy?

Well, that and I love pretty much everything to do with the series up to (and including) FF6.  But the question is, where to start?  Hmm, where…to…start…how about the beginning?

That’s right, I’m going to start a new blog series about my adventures through the world of Final Fantasy, starting from Final Fantasy I up to Final Fantasy V (and possibly 6, depending on how I feel when I get that far).

So I’m going to structure this as a series of blogs that describe from point A to point B in game and what I did in between blog posts.  I’ll also go over the story, what I like and don’t like, etc.  The exact version I’ll play has to do with two things, the first being what is available to me and the second being what version is considered the “best” one.

For example, Final Fantasy V never came out in America on it’s original system, SNES, but there are plenty of ROM’s out there with fan translation.  I have the PS1 version, but I hear it’s pretty bad (loading times), which is also on the PSN.  The game also appeared on the GBA with upgraded graphics, more jobs, caves, etc. and makes it the best one to play.

I HAVE played through all the Final Fantasy games before, so it should be a lot of fun to go back through them.  I’m also contemplating making some YouTube videos to go with the blog posts, but I’m not sure I have the technology to do that.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the new series and please comment below (or in any of the posts) to let me know what you think!