I play a lot of games.  Some I play once or twice and never play again, usually that means I end up with a game on my achievement list with a big fat “0” that just looks ugly.  Other times I download a game that is free and am stuck with the embarrassing fact I played it at all (Stupid Yaris game)!  For a long time, my achievements earned/total achievements was so low that the gamerscore began to mean less and less to me (is that really a bad thing?).

But all that’s changed!  Microsoft has finally made a way to delete those unwanted “0” achievement games from your list, as if you’d never played them at all!  You can keep your list clean and also improve your ratio, and it only takes a few seconds to do, here’s how:

  1. First, boot up your 360.
  2. Next, hit the xbox button to open the blades menu.
  3. Go to your achievement list.
  4. Find a game you want to delete from your gaming past forever.
  5. You’ll notice that a new option appears on the bottom, so just hit X.
  6. Confirm delete to finish the job!
     That’s right, it’s that simple!  Why they haven’t promoted this feature more, I’m not quite sure since I know the community has been asking about it for a long time!