Ok, so along with moving all my podcasts here to jeremycollier.com, I’m also using a new way to publish them (still hosting on libsyn, just not publishing there anymore) called PowerPress Podcasting.  This will allow me to have each podcast (currently sages of 16-bit, kvgt parent podcast, and resonance) to not only have their own page and feed, but also their own iTunes feed!

What does that mean for you?  Well, to start with the rss feed for kvgt parent podcast will stay the same, therefore the iTunes feed for it will also remain the same.  However, Sages of 16-bit and Resonance WILL NO LONGER BE PUBLISHED ON THE SAME FEED!  I’ll have updated links to everything on their individual pages.

You’ll also start seeing back episodes being posted (hopefully I can transfer them and not have to do it manually) on here to keep everything in one place on the web.