We’re short a man this week, but not short on stories!

In an unexpected announcement, Wii gets Netflix!. With Mass Effect 2 coming out, there’s a new novel. Microsoft says no need for a new xbox. Bioware has issues returning to Ostagar, and a little information about day one DLC for Mass Effect 2.

Also in this weeks episode:

– Bayonetta review

– Army of Two 40th Day review

– WET minireview

– Huge December NPD’s

The MMO report saw a change of pace with information on Fantasy Earth Zero.

We threw around CES 2010 talk, including 3D TV’s/Blueray, IP TV, the Best Of CES, the Microsoft Gameroom, a new speaker phone for 360 from Nikon, and a motion control for PC.

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Runtime: 1:52:18

Music: Fantasy Earth Zero, Dragon Age Origins