Here is a walkthrough for Return to Ostagar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins

| Author: Evil Kupo, Jeremy, KVGT Host |
| Written: January 13, 2010 |

01/13/10 – Completed Version 1.0. This includes the full walkthrough and a Q&A. There is some formatting, grammer, and spelling issues that I will fixed, along with the About me and About KVGT sections will be added, but for the most part it is complete.

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* About This Walkthrough [rtoabout] *

This walkthrough is for the Return to Ostagar DLC for Bioware’s Dragon Age. This is my first ever walkthrough, so

please cut me some slack.
A few notes before I start. I tackled this DLC at level 20 and on the Xbox 360. I had no problems with any of it.

No one died, even once. The biggest dificulty was managing my inventory! I would, however, assume that the enemies in this

area do not scale with level and if I had to bet, I’d say they were around level 15. As soon as you think you can, I would

recommend doing this as it has some great items, but at level 20 most lose there appeal.
I was originally going to tell you exactly what you loot from each chest/crate/body, but decided against it once I

found out how much loot there actually is. I did, however, note each important loot item.

* Walkthrough [rtostart] *
After you download the DLC, enter the game and you will notice a new golden area on your Ferelden map called “Bann

Loren’s Land”. It is located near the Docks that you had to originally take when visiting the Circle of Magi the first time.

* Bann Loren’s Land [rtobannl] *
When you enter Bann Loren’s Land, you see soldiers harassing a man, whom you recognize as someone you fought along

side at Ostagar. The man gets stabbed and you have the choice to either fight them or wait until they leave.
Either way you decide to do it, search the man and you realize he is still alive. He tells you he was close to King

Cailan and that he ran away from the fight when he realized it was going bad. Before the fight, however, Cailan gave him a

Key for a special chest that holds King Cailan’s personal stuff, but he hid it because he didn’t want to lose it. He marks

the spot on the Ostagar map where he hid it and, sadly, dies.
If you have Wynne and Alister in your party, they both ask to come along when you go to Ostagar.

* Ostagar [rtoostag] *
Ostagar is right where you left it, on the southern part of the map right next to Flemmeth’s hut. You’re instantly

greeted by three Darkspawn. Take them out and search around for a few crates and sacks.
Head north and around a corner to fight another group of Darkspawn. This time, you’ll be up against 6 darkspawn lead

by a Strider (mage). The strider holds Cailan’s Greaves, which is good for your tank if you don’t have anything better.
Keep heading east to find a Joining Chalice (Gift) and another Sack.
Back track to where you fought the Strider and now head south into Ostagar, where you’re met by three more Darkspawn.

If you charge them, a second party of 4 Darkspawn, lead by a Forgemaster, will join the fight. This fight triggers more

Darkspawn, who are lead by an Alpha. “Clean up” the battlefield, making sure to check the Quartermaster area for a locked

chest and wooden crate.
To the East of this area, where the Mages and Templars camp was, you can find the burried key that you’re looking

At this point, you can recruit the Dog, if you had not done so at the beginning of the game.
Head south-west towards where the Forrest enterence once was and you’ll find more loot. Becareful, there are two

Darkspawn Rogues about.
Loot the Dead Mabari’s for some good items for your dog. When you do this, 4 wolves, 2 Darkspawn, and a vanguard

attack. After the fight, make sure to loot the Vanguard, who holds cailan’s Shield
Head south-west of the gates up a small path for some more loot. Then go East and find Cailan’s Chest just north of

the stairs. It contains Maric’s Blade and Secret Correspondence.
Now go south up the stairs and kill the five darkspawn that wait at the top. Loot this area and continue east, being

careful of the tripwire.
Four darkspawn attack and two more join the fight if you charge them. There is a lot of loot in this area, so pick

through it and head back to where you found Cailan’s Chest.
At this point, the Western half of Ostagar should be cleared and looted, so start heading accross the bridge towards

the Tower of ishal. Half way accross the bridge, you’ll see Cailan’s body hanging from a post and a cutscene flashing back

to the battle. a Darkspawn Necromancer will appear and summon Skelleton’s to attack you. There will be three enemies on

each side, with a Mage on the east.
After clearing the bridge, head south to find a large camp of Darkspawn, protected by Batallia’s and traps. If you

have a stealth rogue who’s stealth is high enough, disarm all the traps prior to engaging the enemy.
The fight here consists of about 10-12 darkspawn accompanied by a Stratigest. It’s a long battle, and lots of loot.

The Stratigest holds Cailan’s Gauntlets
There is a good chance that you’re inventory space is running low, so I suggest taking advantage of the easy exit to

the east and going back to sell your items and stock up on supplies. When you return to Ostagar, you will enter here, so you

won’t have to worry about running back through everything you’ve done thus far.
Make you’re way north towards the tower and be met by 4 Darkspawn lead by an Emissary, along with some random loot.

Heading more east will get you into a fight with 4 more Darkspawn and a General. During this fight, 2 more darkspawn join

plus 3 Shrieks. Watch our for the Shrieks because they tend to go after your mages first. The General holds Cailan’s

Breastplate. Enjoy this mini loot-fest and enter the Tower of Ishal once again!

* Tower of Ishal [rtoishal] *
As soon as you enter the tower, you’re thrown into a fight against about ten Darkspawn and an Ogre. Clear out the

room, loot, and move on to…oh joy, more darkspawn! the next room has about 9 darkspawn grunts and a Bareskin.
If you’re good at sight pulling, use your tank to pull it in 2 or 3 groups. However, if you’re high enough level,

you can just rush the room as the enemies are extremely easy.
The final room in the tower brings you to a big hole in the ground and you get to go “Into the deep”.

Darkspawn Tunnels
Kill the two darkspawn that are waiting for you, and loot the chest to the east. This will spawn a Corrupted spider.
Three spiders in the next hall. Then 4 Darkspawn lead by an Emissary in the next hallway.
As you walk into the next room, three spiders spawn, and then three more. There’s a chest in this room and an exit

to the “Battlefield”

* Battlefield [rtobattl] *
As you walk onto the battlefield that Cailan died on, you see the dead Ogre that killed him and another flashback.

The Necromancer brings the Ogre, now a Boss called Risen Ogre, back to life. This battle can be fought two different ways

because while you’re at range, the Necromancer summons Skelletons to attack you.
The first choice is to send a warrior or Rogue, someone who can take a few hits, to attack the Necromancer while the

rest of you deal with the Ogre. This makes for a shorter, but harder battle.
The other choice, and the way I did it, was to pull the Ogre back to the enterence to the battlefield, kill it and

then rush the Necromancer, while taking out the Skelletons with an AoE. This is a slightly easier fight.
After the battle, loot the Ogre for Duncan’s Dagger and Sword. Then loot the Necromancer for the final piece of

Cailan’s equipment, his Helm, along with the 25 point achievement, “In War, Victory.” There is nothing left to do except

head back through the Tunnels.
Once you reach the Tunnel enterence, you’ll be autmatically moved back to Cailan’s body and now have a choice of what

to do next.
The three choices are to cut him down and build a Prye for him, cut him down, and leave him to the wolves, or leave

him up there for the Darkspawn.
After this, exit Ostagar and…well…that’s it. Congratulations?

* Ending [rtoendin] *
The three chioces are as follows:
If you choose to honor him, you will burn his body and have a moment of silence. This will give positive

raitings for the good party members (+10 for Alister, +6 for Wynne) but negative for characters like Morrigan (-6)
If you choose to leave him for the wolves, you will see a brief cut scene where Cailan’s body is lying in the

forrest. This will give you a medium raiting. (I got -10 from Alister, +6 from Morrigan, and +3 from Wynne.)

The third choice is to leave him be for the Darkspawn. There is no cut scene, and is the worst possible way

to end it, getting negative from all (-10 from Alister, -10 from Wynne, -3 from Morrigan)

* Q&A [rtoqanda] *
Q: How much does this cost?
A: I played it on Xbox 360 and it costs 400 points

Q: How do you get the dog?
A: At this time, I don’t know. I had the dog so this was not something I was able to try. I’ll update it as soon as I can

Q: How long did it take?
A: It took me about two hours, but that was while writing this walkthrough. In game time, it took about an hour, but anyone

level 20 who was going straight through it should be able to finish it in less.

Q: What items are worth looting?
A: Cailan’s gear is well worth looting, Duncan’s dagger and sword are good, and if you use the dog, the two collars looked

pretty good. Other than that, I didn’t really see much that couldn’t either be bought for cheap or found in other parts of

the game easily enough.

Q: What level should I be?
A: As I said, I think the content is mean for around level 15. It didn’t appear to scale with level, as some of the

Darkspawn were literally one-shottable

Q: Are there any side quests?
A: No. The only two quests involved in this are Return to Ostagar and A King’s Confidant, which are completed by going to

Ostagar, looting the chest, and finding the 5 pieces of gear.

Q: Who should I take?
A: I think the best formation for this would be a tank, healer, crowd control, and whatever else you choose. If you have a

mage that is a controller, they are great at crowd control. The fourth member depends on you. I took Morigan (Controller),

Wynne (Healer), Alister (Tank), and myself (duel-weild rogue)

Q: How many Achievements are there and what do I have to do?
A: There is only one achievement, called “In War, Victory” and is unlocked after both the Necromancer and Ogre is dead. The

actual task states that you have to kill the Ogre, but both are required for the achievement.

Q: I see an error/you missed something/I want to comment, how do I get ahold of you?
A: There are a few ways to get ahold of me. The first is to go to the KVGT website at and join our

forums. The second way is to e-mail me directly at

* About Me [evilkupo] *

* About KVGT [aboutkvt] *

* Disclaimer [rtodiscl] *
This walkthrough is property of Jeremy Collier and KVGT. Any use of this walkthrough, the Knights of the Video Game Table

name, KVGT, or any other information without my concent is not allowed. If you would like to use my walkthrough, I have no

problem with it as long as you give me credit and send me the link.