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Nintendo can’t seem to go wrong with there side scrolling mario’s! Even Mario 2 was fun, despite it’s drastically different approach to gameplay. New Super Mario Bros. Wii takes everything that has made each game fun and put it all into one game. Imagine if they were to combine Mario 1, 3, and Super Mario for the SNES together, add some elements that made the newer 3D Mario’s good, up the graphics of your common side scroller, make it 4 players, and BAM!! You have an addicting game that everyone from young to old will have fun with.
The only down sides of this game is that there weren’t more characters. You can either control Mario, Luigi, or one of two toads. If it was any other system, I’d say count on DLC to fix this, but Wii’s lack of after release support speeks for itself. There is also no online support, which is also something that was expected with Nintendo. And if you’re in this game for the story or depth, then you will be disapointed.
The addition of a 4 player at once feature did complicate some things. If you’re seariously trying to beat the game or a specific stage, you either need others that are good, or you will end up doing it by yourself. They have also had to make the items work together in 4 player mode, which means no fast flying, like in Super Mario bros. There is a helicopter-type item that you can spin high and far with, then slowly decend to the ground. The biggest addition, in my opinnion, is the ice ball. It freezes your enemies and allows you to use them in more than one way, by standing on them (on land or floating in water) or throw them, uncovering coins or killing enemies. This is essential for some of the more hard to get secrets.
In it’s essence Nintendo knows that Mario Bros. 3 was the most well recieved, and they just improved on that design. For fans of the old series, this is a very good thing. If there was online play, a few more characters, and the 4 player mode refined slightly, this game would have gotten a 10 from me, but that could just be because I’m old school and remember the fond days of going home from elementary school, so excited to play Mario 3.
I give New Super mario Bros. Wii 9.5 flattened Goomba’s out of 10