This week the focus is on Batman Arkham Asylum. We also talk a little about fable 3, the new PS3 Slim, PS3 Price cut, Rockband’s 1000 song promise, and the failure rate of X-Box 360’s. We discuss releases for the week and review Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (8.4/10).

Also in this weeks episode:

-FFXIV Website update

-World of Warcraft 3.2

-Atlantica’s August 18th update

-Blockbuster in-store video game rental review (6.8/10)

A new segment was added, Do You Remember, and this week we talk about Tiger Electronic Handheld games.

We end it up with a dicussion on the Batman Arkham Asylum demo and a very special once in a lifetime interview.

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Runtime: 1:33:47

Music: Batman