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This is Jeremy again continuing my coverage on the WiiWare title Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. This will focus on Rydia’s Tale, the second chapter (along with the only available one at the moment).
Rydia’s Tale stars, of course, Rydia! She was one of the main characters in FFIV, and had the powers to summon Eidolons to help her fight, along with powerful Black Magic. She is joined by Luca, who is the daugher of the Dwarven King Giott and apprentace to Cid. She is also joined by two dolls that can dance!
This chapter is really hard and REQUIRES grinding at the very beginning. You don’t keep any of your items or equipment from the previous story, and money is pretty sparce at first. Without giving storyline spoilers, I’ll just say that you can get summons very early on, but it is time consuming.
In total, the game took me between 2 and 3 hours (that includes the initial grinding) and ends before the story really takes off. Because of this, I’ve decided to split my score into two sections. I’ll do this for the coming chapters as well.

Stand Alone gameplay – 2/5
As a 2 hour segment of a larger game – 4/5